No Judo club wants to charge any fees, especially Bradford Judo Club, but unfortunately the realities of life are with us all, and we have to pay for the dojo and other essential expenses. We also try to give back as much as possible to our club members and keep the fees as low as possible, so below is a breakdown of the fees we have to charge.

We hope everyone enjoys themselves at our Bradford Judo Club sessions and we look forward to seeing you at the next session.

Remember Judo is about having fun! We want everyone to take part in Judo. Did you know it's been an Olympic sport at every Olympics since 1964?

Training Sessions and Mat Fees


£2 (all ages below 16 years)


£4 (concession available to students and anyone who is unemployed)

Annual Membership Fees

Membership is not a requirement, but it has lots of benefits (see below)!

To become a member you need to join Bradford Judo Club (pay the annual fee) as well as attend a session weekly (at least 80% weekly attendance per year - if this is an issue, please bring it to the attention of a committee member). Helping each other is not only a goal, but an aspiration and a way of life for the members of the Bradford Judo Club.

A membership form must be completed. Click here to view or download.


Nil Equipment and paid competition entry fee benefits apply to all juniors on request (weekly attendance is required).


£20 Employed £10 Un-employed and students

Advantages of Membership

  1. Membership is not a requirement to attend Bradford Judo Club, but we hope you will want to become a member!
  2. Bradford Judo Club has deals with major suppliers throughout the UK including offers from major brands. We can offer discounts from standard retail prices for brands including: Adidas (above 10%) and Fighting Films (above 15%).
  3. We are proud to support our members by providing them with free entry into all competitions. Attendance at a training session 4 times a month is required in order to qualify for this benefit.
  4. For national events Bradford Judo Club will provide a subsidy towards fuel costs for Bradford Judo Club competitors and spectators supporting such events.

Membership has its advantages!