Wednesday Evening 7pm to 8pm

All ages and experiences are welcome from 7 to 16 years.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and Judo is about practice & repetition. Improvement comes with old and new techniques constantly being taught, demonstrated, trained and continually mastered.

Judo is about improving yourself and helping others to improve so a very friendly atmosphere is always maintained. There are always multiple coaches and instructors at every Judo session, so no matter your level your welcome at Bradford Judo Club.

Complete novices are always shown some basics to begin with, including how to fall safely.


Wednesday Evening 8pm to 9:15pm

All adults and experienced juniors are welcome at these sessions.

It's not just juniors that want to learn, practice, and continue improving and enhancing their Judo techniques.

We have fit young Judoka, older 'keen' Judoka and highly experience veterans in their 60's all training together and passing on knowledge and wisdom to each other.

This session tends to be more technical, concentrating on the teaching of:

  • Nage Waza - Throwing techniques
  • Ne Waza - Techniques on the ground
  • Renraku Waza - Combination techniques

Experienced Judoka

Saturday Afternoon 12pm to 1pm

This session tends to be more practical, concentrating on the teaching of:

  • Uchikomi - Repeated practice without completion
  • Randori - Free practice

In order to maintain safety, this session is for experienced judoka only.