Successes achieved in recent years

The members of Bradford Judo Club attend many events around Europe, and throughout the United Kingdom, especially in the North to compete and grade against other as individuals and as a clubs.

These are the results we have proudly achieved in the recent past, some of which have been published in the local Bradford newspaper, the Telegraph & Argus.

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14 October - British Minors - Norfolk

Tommy Denize - Gold

3 October - British Masters 2018 - Norfolk

Graham Takar - M2 under 81Kg - Silver

Matt Horner - M4 over 100kg - Silver

Steve Takar - M1 under 81kg - Bronze

1 September - North Island Championship - Wellington, New Zealand

Jessica Copperwaite - U63 Female Seniors - Bronze

6 June - Waikato Bays Area Open Judo Championships - Waikato, New Zealand

Jessica Copperwaite - U63 Female Seniors - Silver

30 September - Welsh Institute of Sport - Cardiff

Graham Takar - 81Kg - Gold

Duncan Campbell - Open weight M2 - Gold

Richard Brown - M4 - 5th

Matt Horner - Open weight - Gold

31 May - North Yorkshire Judo Festival

Gareth Holton - +100kg - Gold

Dave Johnson - +100kg - Bronze

Jordan Smith - U66kg - Gold

Emily Hurst - U42kg - Gold

Ben Hurst - U60kg - Silver

Ben Hurst - U60kg - Gold (seniors)

17 May - North of England Championships

Gareth Holton - U90kg - Silver

Jordan Smith - u66kg - Gold

25 April - NI Open Belfast

Mick Bowmer - U81kg - Bronze

Matt Horner - +100Kg - Gold

Gareth Holton - U90kg - Seventh

Jordan Smith - U66kg - Seventh

16 March - Yorkshire and Humberside Championships

Gareth Holton - U90kg - Gold

Ben Hurst - U66KG - Silver

Dave Johnson - +100kg - Bronze

31 January - Eurometropole Masters Lille (France)

Mick Bowmer - U81kg - Bronze

30th November - Goole Xmas Championships

Vasilisa Zukova fought her heart out at the 2014 Goole Christmas Championship and won Silver. Well done Vasilisa!!

18th October - British Masters Championships

Mick Bowmer - Under 81Kg - M5 - Bronze

Matt Horner - Open Weight - M4 - Bronze

Richard Brown - Under 81Kg - M3 - Bronze

Graham Takhar - Under 81Kg - M2 - Bronze

20th July - Yorkshire Championship


Emily Hurst - U42Kg - Under 12 years old - Gold

Ben Hurst - U60Kg - Under 17 years old - Bronze


Dave Huchinson - U90Kg - Bronze

Mick Bowmer - U81Kg - Bronze

Juris Kusakovus - U73Kg - Gold

Dave Johnson - Open Weight - Silver

8th June - Midland Area Open

Dave Johnson - Open Weight - Gold

Dave Hutchinson - U90kg - Silver

1st June - Goole Open

Dave Johnson - Open Weight - Silver

Dave Hutchinson - U90kg - Bronze

Dave Chapman - U81kg - Silver

1 March - West Yorkshire Championships

Duncan Campbell - Open Weight - Gold

Dave Johnson - Open Weight - Bronze

Andy Broadley - Open Weight - Bronze

Dave Hutchinson - U90kg - Bronze

16 February - Northern Home Counties Open

Duncan Campbell - Open Weight - Silver

12 January - Northwest Open

Duncan Campbell - Open Weight - Bronze

20 October - Black Belt

Paul Overton won his 1st Dan black belt with great determination and perseverance. Well done Paul!

21 September - British Masters Championship

Graham Takhar - U81kg - Dan Grade - BRONZE

Juris Kusakovus - U73kg - Dan Grade- SILVER

Dave Johnson - Open Weight - Kyu Grade - GOLD

27 July - Kendall Open

Ben Parker - U81kg - SILVER

14 June - European Championships

Congratulations to Ben Parker who finished 4th in the venray Dutch open judo championships. And Graham Takhar who finished 7th in the European Masters Championships in Paris - no mean achievement considering he was competing against the best in the world!

02 June - Goole Open Championships


Ben Parker - U81kg - GOLD


Ben Parker - U81kg - GOLD

Dave Johnson - Open Weight - SILVER

Paul Overton - Open Weight - BRONZE

19 May - Yorkshire Championships


Ben Parker - U73kg - GOLD

Juris Kusakovs - U81kg - SILVER

Andrew Broadley - O90kg - BRONZE


David Johnson - O90kg - GOLD


Connor McKewen - U50kg - BRONZE

21 April - Junior Grade Competition - Goole

A great result for Bradford Judo Club:

Harrison Kirk BRONZE Under 50kgs (Junior 2nd Kyu and below)

Connor BRONZE Under 50kgs (Junior 2nd Kyu and below)

17 February - The West Yorkshire Closed Championship

A great result for Bradford Judo Club:

Andrew Broadley GOLD Over 90kgs

Paul Overton SILVER Over 90kgs

Pavel Bogustov GOLD Under 90kgs

Juris Kusakovs SILVER Under 90kgs

Dave Chapman BRONZE Under 90kgs

David Johnson BRONZE Over 90kgs (2nd Kyu and below)

Ben Parker GOLD Under 90kgs (2nd Kyu and below)

Harrison Kirk SILVER Under 50kgs (Junior 2nd Kyu and below)

11 November - Yorkshire Team Competition

Bradford field a team in the Yorkshire Team competition and win Bronze.

3 November - Sheffield University Judo Competition

Bradford win five medals at the Sheffield University Judo Competition:

Dave Chapman (-90kg) - Silver

Alan Kirk (+90kg) - Silver

Andrew Broodley (+90kg) - Bronze

Jurjiss Kusakuss (-81kg) - Gold

Emma Bryne (-57kg) - Silver

28 October - Dan Grading

Dave Chapman beats a line up of five fighters consecutively to win his Black Belt. Well done Dave!

6 October - Great North Open

Duncan Campbell wins a Bronze medal at the Great North Open.

15 July - West of England Area Open Championship

Duncan Campbell wins a Gold medal in a hard fought championship with a final contest of over 8 minutes. Congratulations also to Sam Simper for reaching the quarter final stages.

15 July - Welsh Open Championship

Pavel Bogustov wins the Gold medal at -90kg under 35 years Masters and also manages 7th place in the nation senior ranking event. Great result Pasha!

03 June - London Area International Open

Another great result for Bradford Judo Club gaining 2 medals in the masters events. Pavel Bogustov got the Silver in the -90kg Category, Vitalij Vasiljev got Bronze in +100kg under 44 years.

20 May - North Of England Open Championship

Bradford Judo Club put up a good squad for the North of England Open Championship, and achieved some great results.

Mens Seniors

Sam Simper -73kg Kyu grades Silver (Senior Male)

Vitalij Vasiljev +90kg Kyu grades Silver (Senior Male)

Pavel Bogustov -90kg Dan grades Bronze (Senior Male)

Mick Bowmer -81kg Dan grades Bronze (Senior Male)

Steve Takhar -81kg Dan grades Bronze (Senior Male)

Duncan Campbell +100kg Dan grades Bronze (Senior Male)

13 May - Midlands Area Open Championship

Congratulation to Pavel Bogustov who won the silver medal in the -90kg Dan grade category and to Vitalij Vasiljev who also won the silver medal in the +100kg -2kyu category.

28 April - 2nd Dutch Masters Open

Mick Bowmer and Duncan Campbell travel to Dronten in the Netherlands to compete in the Dutch Master Open. Duncan achieved a Bronze medal at -100kg in the combined 30-49 age category, and Mick finished 5th at -81kg in a category where he really was the veteran, giving away over 15 year to the other Judoka.

14 April - 25th Annual High Wycombe Masters

Congratulations to Mick Bowmer who won the Gold medal in the -81kg M3 (45-49years) category with a great juji gatame.

25 March - Yorkshire & Humberside Closed Championships

Well done team Bradford Judo Club. We achieved 4 medal for the juniors who entered and 5 medals for the seniors. Thanks also to all the club members that went along to support our team.

In photo above, from left rear to front right:

Sam Simper -73kg Kyu Bronze (Senior Male)

Vitalij Vasiljev +90kg Kyu Silver (Senior Male)

Pavel Bogustov -90kg Dan Gold (Senior Male)

Ben Leedham -81kg Kyu Gold (Senior Male)

Danielle Chapman +52kg -12 years Silver (Junior Female)

Olivia Fisher- 40kg -12 years Gold (Junior Female)

Harrison Kirk -46Kg -16 years Bronze (Junior Male)

Also getting medals but not shown where:

Mick Bowmer -81kg Dan Gold (Senior Male)

Kaya Howard -32kg -12 years Gold (Junior Female)

11 March - English Senior Open

Congratulations to Steve Takhar taking 7th place in the -81kg category and to Duncan Campbell in the -100kg category, having an amazing comeback to finally take 5th in English Senior Open 2012. Duncan is now 11th in the national rankings for -100kg

4 March - Ipswich Open

Once again the club achieved an outstanding result in Ipswich for the 2nd year running with Pavel (Pasha) Bogustov taking the Bronze in the -90Kg section and Vitalij Vasiljev going to the ultimate accolade and getting the Gold in the +100Kg category.

26 February - Samurai Masters Open

Pavel Bogustov continues his winning streak by taking Gold in both the under 90kg and over 90kg (30 to 39 age) category. Green belt Vitalij Vasiljev also had an outstanding tournament result taking Bronze beating many black belts in the over 90kg (30 to 39 age) category.

19 February - West Yorkshire Closed

Clean sweep for Bradford Judo Club in the Mens over 80kg Dan grade contest, with Pavel taking gold, Patrick Silver, with John and Steve taking Bronze. The full results list is:

Male Seniors

Pavel Bogustov (1Dan) +80Kg Gold

Patrick Tucker (2Dan) +80Kg Silver

John Barton (1Dan) +80Kg Bronze

Steve Takhar (2Dan) +80Kg Bronze

Dave Chapman (3Kyu) -90kg Under Blue Belt Gold

Sam Simper (4Kyu) -73kg Under Blue Belt Silver

Vitalijs Vasiljev (3Kyu) +90kg Under Blue Belt Gold

Female Seniors

Rachel O'Keefe (3Kyu) -67kg Under 1st Dan Bronze


Our juniors also done amazingly well achieving medals in various categories including:

Harrison Kirk (Male) -46kg Under 16 Years Gold

Olivia Fisher (Female) -40kg Under 12 Years Gold

Dani Chapman (Female) -54Kg Under 12 Years Silver

Kristie Mullen (Female) -56kg Under 16 Years Silver

Kaya Howard (Female) -32Kg Under 12 Years Silver

Newspaper article

12 February - Rochdale Grading

Steve Takhar gains 30 more points toward his 3rd Dan. Big Paul also gets 20 points toward his 1st Dan.

29 January - North West Senior Open

Jermaine, Dave and Sam all achieved Silver medals in various weight groups in the 2nd Kyu and below competition.

23 January - Commonwealth Judo Championships

Third Dan Graham Takhar won a Silver medal in the 30-34 years under-81kg event, whilst first Dan Duncan Campbell won a Bronze in the 30-34 years under-100kg event.

Newspaper article

07 November - Yorkshire and Humberside CLOSED team championships

Congratulations to the whole team that represented the club in their medal success.

17 July - National Masters Championships, Walsall

Debbie Mullen won silver in the ladies -66kg category, Graham Takhar take silver in the men’s -81kg category. Richard Brown took gold in the -81kg category, Duncan Campbell also taking gold in the -100kg category. Amazing achievements!

Newspaper article

16 June - World Grand Masters Championship

Duncan Campbell finished in seventh place, some achievement in a WORLD tournament.

16 April - Irish Open

Mick Bowmer (senior coach) achieves Gold in Ireland (far left in picture).

27 February - Ipswich Open

The competition was extremely successful for all Bradford fighters; Alan won a Silver Medal in the Brown Belt and below Under 90 Kg division (His first competition), Duncan a Bronze in the under 100 Kg division, Debbie Mullen strangled her way to a Silver, emphatically beating a World Level fighter within 2 minutes and Mick Bowmer storming to 2 gold medals in both the Senior and Masters category division, his final lasted 6 seconds!